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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Foods We Love or Hate

I have many friends that that are quite passionate about food as I am. Typically we mostly agree on what we like but it is funny how certain foods can polarize us. I'm so glad that someone wrote about it ("The Top Foods People Love or Hate" by Ed Levine) though I don't completely agree with his whole list. I rarely find anyone who loves and only eats white chocolate (they are normally chocolate lovers of all varieties) so I believe that there are other foods that should have been on the list like onions, celery or tofu. As for what I like on his list, everything except two things. I can tolerate mayo for certain dishes (just not slathered on a sandwich) and I would pick any other candy over black licorice. I'm sorry for anybody who can't enjoy cilantro like I do.

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